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The company was established in 2005 and very shortly it achieved widespread respect on the market, particularly due to its co-operation with the statutory Czech Television and commercial TV stations such as Nova TV and FTV Prima.

Currently, FRMOL Productions counts among the most reputable and versatile in its branch. Our achievement is well reflected in the fact that in 2009 the company was accepted into the APA (Audiovisual Producers' Association).

Because the company participates on many diverse project, its’ activity is very widespread and for this reason, to facilitate our operations, the company has undergone considerable re/organisation at the beginning of 2010. The company’s activities were divided into individual sections:

Image and charity

In this section we engage in projects of the festival and charity character such as documentaries, documentary series and films as well as educational projects.

Commission or commercial projects

This section includes the creation and production of projects in the following genre: entertainment, music, music videos, reality shows, talk shows, commissioned documentaries or TV commissioned programs. It also includes commercials, advertising films or documentaries, product films as well as commercial commissions for all of the prominent Czech broadcasters and agencies. At the same time we invest substantial energy to communicate directly with the client so as to create together with the client a project that is tailor-made to suit his exact needs and so that he wishes to link his brand with the final project.

Film and series

Here we concentrate on the long-term development of films and series. We always prioritise the actual quality of the initial narrative and script. The script development is financed directly from the company resources.

The programs we produce are usually broadcast in prime-time and enjoy high ratings among the viewers. Due to such high ratings as well as their professional level, our projects are often welcome and contracts are extended into long-term co-operation with television stations.

We enjoy similar reputation working directly with clients and organizations for whom we create audiovisual project. One-off mutual co-operation usually develops into an ongoing partnership with a long/term outlook where development and production are concerned.

Company profile

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Rostislavova 23, Praha 4, 140 00
phone/fax: +420 241 400 231